Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shopping With Coupons: Book Recommendation

My adventure into truly frugal shopping using coupons started when I read the book "Shop, Save, and Share" by Ellie Kay.  Her philosophy of saving, not only to benefit your family, but to benefit people in need was a real eye opener for me.  I like it so much that I have it listed in my link as one of my favorites.

Ellie describes the strategies of coupon and sale shopping in detail.  Learning how to stack coupons (using manufacturer and store coupons at the same time) while shopping a BOGO (buy one get one) actually got me to the point where I am able to buy items for free.

Now add the concept of shopping in order to give to others to your frugal shopping mentality.  Ellie talks about purchasing hair care items that her family doesn't use, but that are desperately needed by homeless and domestic violence shelters.  Of using your new shopping knowledge to get food for free to donate to the food bank.  The ideas go on and on.

The book is clearly written, in a personable style.  It is a fun, easy and educational read.  Enjoy!

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