Sunday, December 5, 2010

Advice Columnist Misses Point

Several days ago an advice column in my local newspaper published a letter from a young wife complaining that her husband wanted sex during the day when she is busy and tired. She complained that her husband was home all day because he was out of work, while she was only home because she worked at home. Their six month old baby was in daycare. All of the discussion centered on their sex life.

I had to ruminate on this for a few days before I vented, but here it goes: WHAT ABOUT THE BABY! Here are two able bodied parents at home and they have their infant in daycare. And this is seen as being so normal that it doesn't even deserve a comment by the columnist?

If we as a people don't start putting our children's needs before our own we will be raising a generation of narcissists. Why should they care for anyone beyond themselves when their parents couldn't do without in order to raise their children themselves. Their ability to empathize with others is compromised. In every major religion the teachings emphasize that children are a gift that we need to take very seriously.

Now don't get defensive if you are a single parent that works to support your children. Obviously, you must provide for essential needs first. But I am reminded of a single friend of mine that has always managed to be home for her son when he gets home by creatively arranging her work schedule. She works several jobs and works at home after her son goes to sleep. She is always involved in his life and there for him.

As for myself, when we were blessed with our dear daughter, we made the decision for me to stay at home and raise her in a Godly home. We do without, and live a frugal lifestyle and I have never regretted our decisions. Dear daughter is growing up with confidence and a sense of safety knowing that our loving presence is always with her.

God bless,

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