Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Countdown: Cleaning and Last Minute Shopping

I've been doing one cleaning task each day, so tomorrow I will concentrate on the kitchen and bathroom.  Dear daughter will be put in charge of making her bedroom guest ready (I can hear the groans already).  Add quick dusting and vacuuming touchups and we will be done.

Our baking is just about done; the last bit of shortbread is coming out of the oven.  I have already given about a third of our cookies to a neighbor that has not been able to bake this year.  Like the loaves and fish there always seems to be plenty to go around.  The more I give away the less weight I gain.  It's a blessing!

Dear husband will be preparing the food for our Christmas eve gathering with family.  But if you have not done your shopping now is the time.  The crowds will be huge on Christmas eve, even at the grocery store.  Make your list and check it twice; you don't want to have to hunt for an open store Christmas morning.

Does your family attend services on Christmas eve or Christmas day?  Make sure everyone that will be in your home for the holidays understands your expectations for attending devotions and church services.  Younger children can become resentful if they see older relatives/friends staying home to watch TV while they are expected to attend church with the family.

Take a deep breath.  Only three days to go.

God bless,

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