Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Countdown: Don't Panic Yet

I am looking at the calendar, realizing that there are 11 days until Christmas and only three more days until dear daughter starts her Christmas holiday from school.  Okay, deep breaths, this is no time to panic.

There is always everyday cleaning to be done, such as dishes and picking up.  Every day I pick one task to complete throughout the whole house.  Yesterday I dusted the whole house, today I will change the linens on all the beds, etc.  Some people advocate cleaning one room a day completely.  I only do this with the bathroom and kitchen, because if I completely clean one room a day that means that there is always one room that is a total disgrace.  So, in my house every room is presentable, but not perfect (except, on occasion dear daughter's room).

If you are mailing gifts it is time to use those wonderful, free Priority Mail boxes at the Post Office.  Most things ship for less than $5 and will be delivered in three days.

I am writing my Christmas cards in the evening and I fill them out according to recipient priority.  Relatives first, then close friends, then regular friends, and last, acquaintances I want to keep in touch with.  If I have to stop doing cards because of some emergency interruption I know that, at least, the people in the higher categories have received cards.

Our tree arrived last Friday and we decorated it on Sunday.  Yes, I mail order my tree from a small family owned farm in West Virginia.  They are no more expensive than a fresh tree bought locally and they stay fresh through the entire season.  A fresh tree that stays green and is delivered right to my front door; now that's frugal.

Well, I just managed to burn the dried blueberries I was rehydrating.  Not frugal!

This is the week to get dear daughter's presents wrapped.  With her on vacation after Friday, this will be my last chance.  I can wrap dear husband's and mom's gifts next week with DD's help.  Remember, prioritize, older children can wrap the younger one's presents and so on.

Tis the season to watch for sales on LED lights (burn cooler, use less electricity), wrapping supplies, holiday cards, ornaments, and holiday themed fabric.  I'll be sharing a holiday craft tomorrow that uses holiday fabric.

My evening treat is to have a cup of tea and read.  For dear daughter I like the books "Mary's Little Donkey" and "Corgyville Christmas" by Tasha Tudor.  I enjoy "A Christmas Memory" by Truman Capote, but don't mistake it for "One Christmas" which is truly depressing.

God bless and take another deep breath,

P.S. I have no idea why one of my book recommendations bounced up to the top of this post and I have no idea how to remove it, so I apologize for the "in your face" advertising.

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  1. Pamela, I like your tree, it's very pretty.
    I also like your living room, how it's decorated.