Thursday, March 13, 2014

Good Reads: Small Town Spin

Small Town Spin (A Headlines in High Heels Mystery #3)Small Town Spin by LynDee Walker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Small Town Spin is the third book in the A Headlines In High Heels mystery series. It displays the high quality writing and editing that I have come to expect from LynDee Walker and Henery Press.

In this novel the heroine, Nicey, is called upon to write a sensitive article on the death of two small town teenagers. Of course she can't just write about them, she must try to solve their murders.

I thoroughly enjoy Nicey. She is a capable, strong, career woman (newspaper reporter) that has the tendency to get herself into humorous and dangerous situations. Her two love interests are on opposite sides of the law and are competing for her affections.

I highly recommend this mystery series to anyone that enjoys mysteries and romance.

ARC provided by Henery Press via Netgalley.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Good Reads: Circle of Influence

Circle of Influence (Zoe Chambers Mysteries, #1)Circle of Influence by Annette Dashofy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Circle of Influence is the first book in the Zoe Chambers mystery series. It is a well written and well edited novel.

Zoe is a paramedic in a small Pennsylvania town trying to live her life quietly, but the murder of her best friend's husband interrupts her peace and brings out some secrets that she has kept well hidden. She begins to work with the police chief to solve the murder; sometimes with his knowledge and sometimes without.

This story is told partially from Zoe's and the Chief's point of views. These different POVs make for an interesting read and gives the reader a variety of bad guys to ponder. The solution to the mystery was kept well hidden and was a surprise for me.

There is a hint of romance between Zoe and the chief which is still in it's early stages by the end of the book. I look forward to seeing it flourish in future books.

Circle of Influence has a happy ending and doesn't end with a cliffhanger. I recommend it to lovers of murder mysteries.

ARC provided by Henery Press via Netgalley.

Good Reads: That Touch of Ink

That Touch of Ink (Mad for Mod)That Touch of Ink by Diane Vallere
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

That Touch of Ink is the second book in the Mad For Mod mystery/romance series. It is a very well written and well edited novel about the murder mystery solving, Doris Day look alike, Madison.

Madison's lost love, Brad, suddenly reappears claiming that he had forced her out of his life to save her from his criminal friends. Add to that murders centered around some iffy five thousand dollar bills and you have an entertaining mystery novel.

The two men in Madison's life, the detective Tex and handyman Hudson, have been waiting for her to recover from the last mystery she helped solve. In this book Tex is given more emphasis and his true self begins to appear.

With a happy ending and a complex, but satisfying, mystery I highly recommend this novel. It can be read as a stand alone, but I suggest reading the series in order.

ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley.

Good Reads: Pillow Stalk

Pillow Stalk (A Mad for Mod Mystery)Pillow Stalk by Diane Vallere
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Pillow Stalk is the first book in the A Mad For Mod romance/mystery series. It is a well written and well edited novel.

The heroine, Madison, is a mature, self made, independent, business woman that happens to become embroiled in a murder investigation. She is also in love with Doris Day and 1950's design. Her 1950's persona and blond bombshell appearance makes the men in her life underestimate her.

The secondary characters are varied and fully developed. I particularly enjoyed the two men in Madison's life; the detective with the fake persona and the kind handyman with a secret.

Madison has recently moved to Dallas to escape from a disastrous relationship with a man that violated her trust. She has found solace in her 1950's themed decorating business and the repetitive habits of her life. All of her hard earned peace is threatened when women that look like Doris Day, and Madison, are being murdered.

I was a little let down by the ending. Instead of ending on a positive note the secondary characters just deserted Madison and there was a very obvious cliff hanger.

If you like strong female leads and murder mysteries you will enjoy this novel.

ARC provided by Henery Press via Netgalley.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

No Computer = No Shopping

Last week I set out to do my grocery shopping at Publix.  When I got to the deli counter one of the workers informed me that they couldn't serve me because their computers were down.  Then they announced that the cashiers couldn't check anyone out because they couldn't scan barcodes.

I must have looked disbelieving because about four workers gathered around me to share this info with me again.  So, of course, I had to ask, "Why can't you serve me manually"?  They looked at me like I had grown a second head.  I went on to explain about battery or manually operated scales and this new thing called math.

They were all so baffled that I took pity on them and left.  On my drive to another store I wondered how many dollars in sales the store lost that morning.  Also, why wouldn't a large grocery chain have a back up plan for computer crashes?

I know I'm getting old now, with my reminiscing about the good old days when people could serve you, add up your totals and make change without a computer doing all the work.

God bless,