Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Frugal Adventure

On Christmas Eve evening a large water main in our county burst.  We were faced with a trickle of water that needed to be boiled before drinking, but we did have water and now our pressure is better.  We will need to boil our drinking water until Tuesday.

You should hear the moaning, groaning and chest beating going on in the local news.  People are talking about what a horrible hardship this all is.  Really?  This is a hardship?  No it's not.  Living in an arid area of Africa where you are lucky to get 1/2 gallon of water a day; now that's hardship.

It is all mind set.  A positive mindset makes most things bearable and, even, enjoyable (I'm not talking about severe shortages here).

The same positive mindset can be applied to going without and living frugally.  People that were children during the Great Depression will talk about how much fun they had during those bad times.  Yes, life was hard, but they found joy in life's simple pleasures.

Don't look at getting by on less as being a burden.  Instead let's turn being frugal into an adventure.  Let's take joy in feeding our family on less, finding bargains at the thrifts store and learning to repair our homes by ourselves.

Let's go on a frugal adventure.

God bless,


  1. It's similar here when we have water difficulties in the city (we are on a spring system). People actually talk about suing the city if they have to boil water. Personally, I enjoy it when the power goes out or something similar happens. Makes me try new things to find out how creative I can be.

  2. We now have 100% of our water service back. So many people complained about needing to boil the water that the county began to deliver bottled water to them; at the taxpayers' expense, of course. It makes me wonder how people will cope if this area ever gets hit by a hurricane.

    God bless you,