Monday, May 2, 2011

The Frugal Garden: Tomato Colors

First of all I need to brag a little;  I just picked my first tomatoes.  They are yellow cherry tomatoes and taste just like candy.

First Tomatoes!
My grandfather was a tomato lover.  He had nine children, worked three jobs, but still found the time to grow tomatoes of every size and color.  It was his way of de-stressing after his very busy days.

Tomatoes come in many colors.  We all are familiar with red tomatoes, but pink is just a lighter version of the reds.  Some other colors are purple/bronze, bicolors/stripes, oranges, yellow/gold and white.

Different colored tomatoes have different tastes.  The darker the tomato the more acidic is the tomato.  The lighter tomatoes have less acid, so they have a sweeter taste.

The differences in acidity affect how you should use the tomatoes.  The higher acid tomatoes are better for canning, while the lower acid tomatoes should be eaten out of hand.

It is so much fun to experiment with growing different varieties of tomatoes to find the ones that taste best for you and your family.  It's a wonderful way to enjoy the colors and flavors of nature created by our Lord.

God bless,

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