Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Frugal Garden: The Dooryard Garden Update

With Mom being so sick, my gardening efforts have been centered around my small dooryard garden.  As it's name implies, it is a garden just outside my front door.

It was traditional in the States to have a big garden on the property, but housewives would have a small garden within close range of their kitchen.  This dooryard garden would contain the herbs and some vegetables that a busy cook would need to quickly harvest to add to the pot.

All of my flowers are doing well and the tomatoes are producing beautifully.  The two little tomato plants I planted two months ago are covered in tomatoes.  We are eating the beautiful yellow and pink cherry tomatoes in salads and eating them out of hand.

What pleasure we get from these small gardens.  I love to harvest every day and dead head the flowers to keep them blooming.  We have our two favorite herbs, basil and cilantro, nearby to snip with our kitchen scissors.

Even after the big garden is fallow for the hot summer months here in Florida, I will keep the dooryard garden going with heat resistant flowers and herbs.  And I will enjoy it every time I enter my home.

God bless,

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  1. I tripled the size of my doorway herb garden this year. :-) So many herbs to love!