Monday, May 16, 2011

Experimental Dishcloth

I've written before on how important I think it is for us to learn the old, pre-industrial crafts.  Even if we only make one thing, at least we have learned a skill that may one day become a necessity for our family.

One of my experiments was to make a cotton dishcloth from scratch.  I did not grow the cotton, but purchased unspun cotton from a fiber craft supplier.  I set up my charka, an indian spinning wheel, and spun a light weight yarn.

Spinning on the Charka

Then I began to knit myself a basic dish towel.  I used wooden knitting needles that I had made myself while attending classes at the Fiber Arts Studio in the Threefold Community.  I had been so enthused while spinning I was able to knit two towels.

Just Like Great, Great, Grandma's

I know that I will spin cotton yarn again, but will I use it to make a common dish towel?  Probably not, but who knows, someday it may not be optional.

Definitely Rustic

By the way, these dish towels have lasted beyond any that I have purchased and they are used hard.

Try something new.  The teachers of the old ways are out there.  Look at your local historical societies and re-enacters.

God bless,

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  1. I'm not as handy as you as I just buy cotton yarn (on sale, of course!), but I've been meaning to make some cotton dishcloths. And you're right about the store bought sponges or cloths being inferior to a homemade cotton dishcloth.....we've been going through so many of them but the one cotton dishcloth I received as a gift is still being used after several year. Time to get the crochet needles going I guess!
    Thanks for the reminder & inspiration!