Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Frugal Garden: Summer Squash Foundation Plantings

The other day I was driving dear daughter to school when I saw a house with a really pretty, robust looking foundation planting.  I couldn't quite make out the type of plant, so I drove very slowly the next time I passed and was surprised to see that the entire front of the house's foundation is planted with summer squash.

Row Planting of Summer Squash
What a great idea!  This attractive plant, with it's beautiful yellow flowers,  grows to just the right height to disguise a concrete foundation.  And, of course, the plants will provide food for your family throughout the summer.

A Beautiful Plant
I have an unplanted raised planter that runs across the front of our house.  It was going to be planted with flowers, but now I see that summer squash would provide beauty and food.  Another frugal gardening plan!

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