Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Frugal Garden: Homemade Organic Fertilizer

I prefer to garden organically and I have found that it is much more frugal to make my own organic fertilizer.  It is easy to mix it in a big bucket and apply by hand several times during the growing season.

Organic Fertilizer

4 parts seed meal
1/4 part agricultural lime, finely ground
1/4 part gypsum
1/2 part dolomitic lime
1 part bone meal, rock phosphate or guano
1/2 part kelp meal or 1 part basalt dust

This is a good all purpose fertilizer, but continue to apply compost to build your soil.  Fertilizer will not change the soil structure, so it is important for those of use with sandy or clay soils to regularly apply compost.

God bless,

Keep Adding Compost To The Garden


  1. what are your thoughts on manure tea? we have cows and goats and use the composted manure in our gardens. we feel the gardens benefit both from the nutrients and from the organic matter.

  2. Manure tea is very beneficial as a foliar spray. A good, quick pick me up for your plants. However, it does not change the soil consistency. I think that using manure tea and well composted manure is a good combination. Do be careful with the manure, too much can negatively affect root crops (potatoes especially).

    God bless,