Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do Extreme Couponers Eat Fresh Food?

One of the things that struck me last night while watching Extreme Couponing was that these families are eating an awful lot of processed food. I did see some dairy hitting the cart, but the rest was processed cereals and faux vegetables.

I certainly use coupons when shopping, but I try to feed my family the freshest foods possible. That's why I like to can fresh fruits and vegetables for storage rather than manufactured foods.

Also, I didn't see flour, baking powder and yeast being stored; just packaged baking mixes. But before I get on my soapbox, I do have to recognize that the view we saw of these families is the view the show's producers want us to see.

As a frugal homemaker I need to save money when I shop (or not shop), but not at the expense of my family's health. I am the CFO of the family, always monitoring our financial and actual well being.

I did like the one woman's monthly menu planning. She was an example that sales and available coupons should guide our menus, not just what we are craving to eat. I am looking forward to watching this show to learn new tips and what behaviors to avoid.

God bless,


  1. LOL!! Girl!! We don't have TV to watch the show, but my husband came home at lunch and showed me the story on this show online! THe first thing I said was....WOW that looks like 2 carts of processed food!!! LOL!
    YOu are right, though, producers only show you what they want you to see! I don't really need to coupon because I don't shop at regular stores, but it would be something really fun to learn I think! :D Thanks for sharing!--S

  2. I have a step-daughter who coupons an swears by it, but I have no idea of her cooking style (she lives 6 hours away). I know that using coupons doesn't save me any money, as our stores don't have double coupons, and the coupons I find are for the things that are usually double the price I'd spend anyway.

  3. I try to save money as I can on food, and cook from scratch and garden. I just think the extreme couponers are spending too much time on getting things they don't need for free. My time is a something I factor into being thrifty, and I think extreme anything is too expensive because it cuts into time from my family. I would rather spend the time in my kitchen or garden with my family.