Saturday, March 19, 2011

Not Very Frugal Medicine Continues

My mother was scheduled for surgery this morning. After traveling to the hospital I couldn't find my mom. I ask around and finally found someone that knew something. She had been transferred to another hospital at 10 p.m. No one had bothered to call me.

So I drive across town to the other hospital to find out that she had already had her surgery and was in recovery. Now I am sitting in the waiting room (yay wifi) waiting and blogging.

Mom was transferred because of the way she answered one of the screening questions in her pre-operation interview. I am sure that with her mild dementia that she had no idea of the possible consequences of her answer.

What are the results of this fiasco? A seriously injured elderly woman transported in the middle of the night. An additional ambulance expense. New labs at new hospital since they don't accept the other hospitals test results. My additional time, gas expenses. Mom's emotional upset.

Anything frugal, humane or even vaguely reasonable here? Nope. I have already complained to the head of nursing at the first hospital. I will write a follow up letter. I will also be calling her doctor on Monday and may change her to a different doctor once this is over.

Vent over. I feel better now.

God bless,

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  1. What an awful thing. I can't believe they didn't contact you. I hope you can get some results with your complaints.