Thursday, March 31, 2011

Easy Menu Planning

Most of us have heard from our families of our grandmother or aunts (or moms) serving the same meal on the same day each week. I am talking about a spagetti on Tuesday, meatloaf on Wednesday form of menu planning.

These menus sound repetitive and boring to us, but for the mothers of big families with fewer grocery choices than we have, it made sense. In fact, it didn't only make sense, it was a form of survival for a busy mom.

Think of how easy grocery shopping would be; the same list every week with only a few add on items. This is why grocery stores could automatically deliver the same food every week without change.

We can use a version of this old fashioned menu plan for ourselves. How about this: roasted meat on Sunday, recipe using Sundays leftovers on Monday, pasta Tuesday, ground meat recipe on Wednesday, soup Thursday, fish Friday and ethnic Saturday.

Your grocery list would have one whole meat product to roast, ground meat, pasta sauce ingredients, frozen fish (or buy fresh Friday morning) and one ethnic meal base. Add to this the fresh ingredients to serve as sides, any special add ons and the food basics in your pantry.

In this way we are enjoying the simple way families used to do menu planning and providing a little diversity of flavors. So, let's menu plan like grandma and enjoy the bounty available to us today.

God bless,

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