Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Frugal Garden: Transplanting Tomato Plants

Yesterday I decided to add a couple of grape tomato plants to the door yard garden.  Commercially grown tomato plants are a good option if you are growing a limited number of tomatoes or it is too late in the season to start the plants from seed.

Be sure that you choose disease and insect free plants with no fruit.  If a tomato plant is already putting energy into forming fruit it will not do well forming roots when it is transplanted.  Buy good quality; larger is not better.

Add an organic soil amendment to the area where the tomatoes will grow.  Now look at the plants.  Remove all stems and leaves on the stem except for three or four sturdy stems at the top of the plants.  Plant the tomato plants deeply with only those top stems above the soil surface.

The reason for this is that every bit of stem that is underground will sprout roots to help your developing tomato plant.  You will get a nicely developed, extensive root system on the plant.

Not Planted Deeply Enough

Just Right!
Soon your plants will recover their height and reward you with a plentiful harvest.

God bless,

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  1. I am transplanting tomatoes too,but just to bigger pots. Too early here for the outside yet. Yours look good. Blessings jane