Monday, September 5, 2011

White Towels and What's On Sale In September

It's the time of year for white sales:  towels, bed linens, pillows, etc.  Also, stores are trying to move out many of their large items to make room for Christmas merchandise.  Look for mattresses, furniture, outdoor furniture, grills...the list goes on and on.

I recently decided that I was changing over to all white, hotel quality towels.  Hotel towels are thick enough to be absorbent, but not so thick that they mildew before they dry.  They can be bleached when they get stained or discolored.

My towel sets always seem to wear out unevenly.  I end up using mismatched sets of towels.  By using all white towels, everything matches, all the time.  I think white towels always look so clean and fresh.

I found packs of 12 bath towels and 24 hand towels at Costco for a little over $2 at towel.  Keep your eyes on the sale circulars to find the best Labor Day sales.  Don't pay over $3 for a bath towel; it just isn't necessary.

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  1. I've been slowly switching -- when I see what I like on sale -- to white towels, too. I get them with a little border and mix and match. Never worry about color fading. Hope you're having a good day!