Friday, September 2, 2011

Looking Ahead For The Frugal Mennonite

Several times a year I post about my plans for my blog's future.  This is not only to inform my readers, but helps me organize and plan the blog's content.

I am in the process of selling my inherited house.  The closing is set for Sept. 30th.  It has been a positive experience and I hope it continues to be so.  I have learned many valuable pointers from my real estate agent and other professionals that I would like to pass on to you.

My current house is in need of updating.  I haven't had the time to concentrate on bringing it into the 21st Century (it was built in 1955), but soon I will have the ability to make the repairs and updates it needs.  I'll do some of the work myself, but hiring professionals will be a large part of my plan.

It's gardening time in Florida.  Yep, we garden all Fall, Winter and Spring.  I'm looking to plan my garden. Time to start digging.

Dreaming of Eggplants

Crafts for the holidays.  Oh yeah, it's that time already.

One thing I need to comment on:  I have noticed that when I address my religion, discuss prayer or religious topics that I will lose a subscriber or two.  The title of the blog does include the word Mennonite for a reason.  I am a practicing Mennonite and my faith will be included in this blog.  Fair warning.

God bless,


  1. You won't lose me with thoughts of faith. I enjoy reading blogs that talk of faith, even when it is not my own. I get a real lift for the day.
    Look forward to crafting discussion. Have a great weekend!

  2. It's your blog. Speak your mind -- while we still can!