Friday, September 16, 2011

Frugal Home Remedies: First Switchel, Then Shrub

After switchel became a common drink in the American colonies, people began to add flavor to the drink with their excess fruit or herbs.  The name of this new fruity drink was Shrub.

To make shrub omit the ginger root.  Soak bruised or over ripe fruit in the vinegar for several days.  Macerate the fruit, then add to the vinegar.  Place in a cool place.  When done aging, strain through a piece of cheesecloth.  Now mix the vinegar with your sweetener, two parts sweetener to one part vinegar.

A popular variation on fruit shrub is herb shrub.  Soak macerated herbs in the vinegar, then follow the directions above.

Why not serve the healthful, frugal switchel and shrub to your family in place of expensive soft drinks that have no health benefits?

God bless,

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