Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's On Sale In February

Finally merchants have realized that we really aren't going to pay those pre-Christmas prices on workout equipment, so they've put the treadmills and other equipment on sale.  Also, people's New Years resolutions have pooped out.  My advice is to forget about the expensive treadmill and just take a walk.  If you are trapped inside by snow try marching or dancing around the house or while watching T.V.  Give the kids a chuckle or embarrass them to death.

For some reason indoor furniture is marked down this month.  I have no idea why, unless the new designs come out soon.

Flu and cold season must be winding down because the last item for the month are humidifiers.  Nice to have if you live in a dry environment, but in Florida it just makes the room feel damp.  You are not only sick, but everything is clammy.  Ich!

February is not a great month for sales apparently.  But I have noticed that all of the Valentine's day candy and cards are on sale.  Or better yet, let's spend an afternoon with the kids making cards and candy.  That's the frugal ticket.

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