Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Save Money On Gas

With gas prices going up and up on a regular basis I decided to research ways to reduce my gas usage during everyday driving.  I found a few tips that anyone can implement during their driving day.

Watch those brakes.  Slow down by taking your foot off of the accelerator, then gently brake to come to a stop.  This requires you to anticipate when a light will turn red and if something ahead will slow down traffic.

Get ride of that lead foot.  Slow down and accelerate gently.  Lower speeds mean less gas usage.

Turn off your air conditioner or don't cool your car to such a cold temperature.

Reduce drag.  Close your windows and sunroof.  Get ride of accessories such as bike racks and luggage holders.

Lower the weight you are carrying.  Cleaning out the trunk can make a difference.  Unless you are driving on ice, then add weight.

Keep your tires inflated to the correct psi for your car and tire type.

Unless you are driving a high performance car you can use the cheap gasoline with the lower octane.  Brand names do not mean better a better product.

Drive a manual transmission.  My first two cars had manual transmission and the gas savings were obvious.

Drive a smaller car or a hybrid.  The larger the engine equals more gas usage.

Plan your route.  Stay out of heavy traffic and avoid frequent traffic lights.  The shorter route may be less gas efficient than a longer route without stops and traffic congestion.

Try to save a gallon of gas a day.  At $3 a day you can save $1,095 a year.

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  1. Pam, just found your blog and I can't wait to read more. I try to live frugally in so many ways but I am lax in way too many ways. I thought I would share this crazy thing I saw just the other day.

    I pulled up to the auto car wash, which is about a once every 2 year thing for me but I needed to wash off some of the salt from the winter roads. The truck in front of me was loaded down with wood, a big Ford F250 4X4 truck with a full bed of firewood getting ready to be washed too. I asked the attendant why the guy wanted to run a load of wood thru. He said Oh he has had the same load of wood in there since November, says his truck drives better with it in there. He has also washed that same load of wood every week since November!! I feel very frugal beside him!