Friday, February 11, 2011

The Frugal Garden: Surveying My Garden Spaces

I have been looking at my garden spaces trying to envision new ways to use them. You see, I don't have a large rectangle shaped garden, but I have several individual garden spaces of different shapes and sizes.

In the front is a raised planter that runs along the wall on one half of the house and a door yard garden by the front porch. In the back is a traditional rectangular raised bed (which I would like to enlarge) and a garden that dear daughter and I built that we call the sun garden.

The sun garden came about due to a storm knocking down one of our favorite old oaks. It was traumatic because the tree crushed part of our house, but also because we just loved that old tree. As part of our healing process dear daughter and I built three triangular raised beds positioned to represent the rays of the sun and a decorative stepping stone to represent the sun itself.

In the past the front gardens were for flowers and decorative herbs. This year I want to incorporate more vegetables in the front and even try some heat resistant blueberries in the door garden. Believe me, I would love to plow up the front yard to plant food, but the homeowners association would have a fit.

The back gardens have been devoted to vegetables and herbs and they are going to remain that way. I have one old garden that is totally overgrown. I think I will mow it down and use that space for container grown potatoes (they are another post).

The time to plan and design your spring garden spaces is now. Since I live in Florida I need to get cracking; our gardening season ends in June.

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  1. Sounds like you have some good ideas. I have two big gardens,but don't think we will be planting but one this year. I hope that's not a mistake. Blessings jane