Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Traditional Homemaking Skills

I love to learn the old skills that allowed households, up until the 1940's, to be production based, instead of consumer based.  Each family made or raised what they needed for their household to run successfully.  Any excess produced or unique skills were used to barter with neighbors for items they couldn't produce.

It may seem silly to learn to weave baskets or make soap, but what if there came a time or place where these things become unavailable?  Would you be able to keep your family clean, clothed and sheltered with what you are able to make?

I have learned to make and do many things because I may need to have those skills someday.  If I grow broom corn, process it and learn to make a broom from it (I did this with dear daughter), I will always know how to make a broom.  I may never need to make another broom in my entire life, but I will know how to do it.

Some of the skills I have learned I actually use on a regular basis.  I find that I prefer the soap that I make myself and that it is superior to store bought soap.  Besides, it is much less expensive.

In the next few months I will try to discuss and explain some of the old traditional skills and how to teach yourself to master these tasks.

God bless,


  1. Hi - i just found your blog and its wonderful!!! Im gay and live a similar old fashioned lifestyle on my tiny organic small holding in France with my partner. I wish more and more people would embrace a plain and simple life and get away from the world of 'wants' rather than than 'needs'! thank you for all of your hints and tips! I will certainly keep following your writings :)


  2. Welcome Drew and Alan. I am glad you are here to share with us.