Thursday, August 11, 2011

Keeping Baby Safe In The Car

I thought long and hard about expressing myself on such a sensitive subject, but felt that I must. Every summer, especially here in Florida, we hear about parents that forget that they have their baby in the car with them, park the car and leave the baby to die in the heat.

The local media has explained away the parents responsibility by saying that the parent had been distracted and that the parent was now distraught. One woman, a doctor, had done this twice in one year (baby didn't die the first time). Research shows that these negligent accidents happen when the parent is stressed, distracted and their routine has been disrupted.

I can say that there was never a time when I forgot that DD was in the car with me. There are just a few steps to keep your awareness in the two places it needs to be: on driving and on baby. Turn off the radio, cell phone and any other noise making devices. We used to call it enjoying the Golden Silence. Interact with your child by talking and singing. Have a mirror rigged up so you can see baby without turning around.

And most important of all: focus your life around your child. They are God's gift to us and we are the stewards of their lives.

God bless,

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