Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Am Above Self Pity

Last week I was in one of my flustered, worried phases while trying to deal with what was my mother's house (now 1/2 mine) and my own house.  Various repairs needed to be done at both.  I was driving back and forth 1/2 hour each way meeting with repairmen, realtors, etc.  You get the picture.

The Lord doesn't want us to worry.  In fact, worry is considered to be a lack of faith in His ability to only task us with what we are able to and need to handle.  My ability to worry about just about anything is a failing that I am constantly praying and working to overcome.

So last week I armed myself with my "I Am Above Self Pity" bracelet from Above Rubies; knowing that the emotional state that always follows worry is self pity.  Each time I had to make another decision (and spend another dollar) I would look at the bracelet on my arm and send up a little prayer.

Yesterday, while getting ready to entertain my brother and sis in law, I realized that my garage door was opening and closing on it's own.  Something in the neighborhood (construction equipment?) was activating the door and blocking my own controllers from working.  Another problem to add to my already busy upcoming week.

Today I have immersed myself into my mother's insurance information to try to disprove a couple of claims against the estate.  I have to tell you that our medical and insurance industries are out of control.  I addressed my feelings on unnecessary medical procedures/testing in a past post, so I won't say more today.

Well, I find myself sliding back into the self pity/worry hole.  When we are faced with this type of lack of faith it is time to be kind to ourselves and focused on the Lord.  After this post I will put the paperwork away, lock the garage door, refrain from looking at schedules, read my bible and rest.  Time for me to respect the Sabbath.

God bless,


  1. I need a Sabbath, too. I hear you! ~Liz

  2. Take good care. Sending kind thoughts and prayers your way!

  3. Your post was so valuable. Thanks for sharing from your heart. So many times I have given in to self-pity and it's taken some time to realize that "self-pity" was the issue at hand since it can mask itself in so many ways.
    May God's hand be evident in your life in every area.
    Blessings from.........Denise