Sunday, July 3, 2011

Coupon Shopping At Walgreens

This post should be titled:  "I Love Walgreens", but I do need to show some restraint.  Living in Florida it is hard to equal the savings seen on Extreme Couponing because our stores do not double coupons.  The one exception are the savings available at Walgreens each week.

Walgreens does not double coupons, but they do have such great sales in conjunction with coupon releases and Register Rewards that I am frequently able to get products for free.

Some of these sales are not always listed in their ads so it is important to go to sites such as True Couponing or Southern Savers to find the hidden deals.  Also read the ad carefully, because these coupon sites do not always catch all of the deals available.  Once you've compared the two make your list and start cutting coupons.

I make sure I count how many products I will be buying compared to the number of coupons I will use for my purchase.  If I have more coupons than products I will need to buy filler items.  There are usually candy sticks and other items for 25 cents near the register.  Just make sure the number of items and coupons matches.

So how does it work out:  Today I bought 4 Oral B toothbrushes, 1 Starburst, 1 six pack paper towels, 1 24 pack drinking water, 1 2L Pepsi, and 4 Ajax cleansers for 82 cents.  The toothbrushes and cleanser were free.  I wouldn't have paid anything if I hadn't have gotten the Starburst for dear daughter.

The Bottom Line
This is why I love Walgreens and these types of savings are available every week on a few items.  By stocking up when things are on sale, I never have to run to the store to pay full price.  I just shop from my home storage supply.

God  bless,

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