Friday, July 22, 2011

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

While searching for "green" cleaning ideas for my home I came upon some very positive reviews of microfiber cleaning cloths.  I had always used cotton cloths made from old T-shirts because they could be washed and reused.  I asked myself what could be the difference between microfiber and cotton cloths?

I found a pack of three microfiber cloths for less than $3 at my local Publix.  Strangely enough they weren't in the cleaning supplies sections, but were located with auto supplies.  For that price I could afford to try them out.

All of the rave reviews were true!  These things are amazing.  There is something about the fiber that makes it a very efficient cleaner.  They remind me of the Mr. Clean sponges in their ability to remove grime, but the cloths wash up nicely in the washing machine.

If you or someone in your family can't tolerate chemical cleaners, you need these cloths.  With just water they will clean everything.  The real test for me was when I was able to clean and shine my bathroom mirror with just a dampened cloth.  No streaks!

They come in many different versions.  I have a knobby one for dusting, but the plain ones work for every type of cleaning.  I have difficulty leaning over to clean my tub because of my arthritis, so I spray a little cleaner, step into the tub and use my feet to scrub with a microfiber cloth.  Since they require little pressure to work this odd method of cleaning the tub works well.

Different Textures Are Available

I think you would be happy with these cleaning cloths.  They are inexpensive, washable and should reduce the amount of cleaner needed to clean your house.  Very frugal!

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  1. Hey! That's a good idea for cleaning the tub. It's hard on my back to reach across the tub. I have seen microfiber cleaning "socks" with very knobby bottoms that you can wear to mop the floor, too.