Sunday, July 3, 2011

The "Free" Car

In the process of probating my mother's estate our attorney told me that it would be easier to have the probate court transfer the car to me, then for me to sell it for the estate.

Okie dokie, sounds good.  So off I go to the Florida DMV with the old title, proof of insurance and the court order in hand.  Everything was going smoothly until the nice DMV lady told me what the estate owed for the transfer of title and reregistering the car.  $404.00 !!!  You have got to be kidding me?

Now I know that government has to recoup their expenses, but I find it hard to believe that typing info into a computer, printing a paper title and a prison made license plate, plus ten minutes of an employee's time justifies that expense.  There has to be a limit on how much expenses are going up.  Governments can not keep supporting themselves on fees.

We are talking about a weeks salary for the average person.  A weeks salary just to transfer a title and register a car.  People can't afford that.  Think of a single parent, raising their kids on one salary and needing to buy a used car to get to work.  Outrageous!

Can you tell I am venting here?  I am not a libertarian, but I sure can understand what motivates them.

God bless,

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