Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Countdown: The List

We are skipping over pantries for a few days to start preparing for Thanksgiving. The first step is to make lists. Lists about needed groceries, house cleaning and decorating. If you are one of those super organized people that made your lists a month ago, God love you, take these five minutes to relax and have some tea. I am not so organized so here I go!

House cleaning list: all the basics, with the addition of cleaning and pressing the turkey tablecloth (yes it has turkeys all over it) and napkins, washing the serving pieces (that haven't seen the light of day since last Christmas), polishing the silver (ditto) and crystal.

Decorating: Cleaning and displaying Fall decorations. Thank goodness I haven't added any turkey statues to the mix, but I do have some lovely gourds and I always use new beeswax candles for the holidays. Don't forget dried flowers which are wonderful for Fall and wonderfully economical since they can be reused.

Groceries: You must make this list and shop today. Why? Because your turkey needs to be in the refrigerator defrosting ASAP. Make a list of ALL ingredients you need for your recipes, check your supplies, then make a shopping list. Make sure your spices and baking powder are fresh. Organize your coupons and head out the door. This isn't a good time to have your spouse or children do the shopping for you; believe me, you will end up running back to the store if you do.

Put your kids to work cleaning. They will grumble, but let them. We are developing their character through meaningful work. Reward them by letting them enjoy doing some of the fun cooking activities (that involve sugar).

Let's get moving!

God bless,

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