Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Pantry: Shelves

We've located our pantry spaces and now we need to construct shelving.  Don't be tempted to buy some inexpensive, steel shelves; they won't hold up.  Canned goods are extremely heavy.  Even the most sturdy metal shelves will begin to bow in the middle under the weight.  Thick wood shelves with plenty of extra support are the way to go.

In a perfect world you have a handy, woodworking spouse that would be thrilled to build you custom shelves for your pantry.  Most of us live in an imperfect world with little time or money for those custom made shelves.  My BFF's husband Lloyd came up with a shelving system that is sturdy, inexpensive, portable and easy for anyone to put together.

First measure your space.  Now measure again.  Yep, it's that old saying, "Measure twice, cut once".  Measure the jars and boxes you will be storing for height and add an inch.  Now it's off to the hardware store to buy solid wood interior doors (unfinished) and four inch pvc pipes.  That's it.  The doors should be less expensive than wood of similar width.

Hopefully, we can construct  the shelves without cutting the wood, but if you've taken good measurements, have them cut them for you at the hardware store.  Make sure you have a hacksaw or a jig saw with a hacksaw blade at home (for the pipe).

Once we're back home it's time to cut the pipe into sections to match your shelf height measurements.  If your shelves are very long you will need to cut extra pieces to use as center braces.

Let's put it all together:  Put sections of pipe (vertically) at each end and one in the center if necessary.  Lay a section of door on the pipes.  Put more pipe sections on ends and center, then another piece of wood door.  Keep building until your shelves are the height you desire.

Now you have sturdy, portable shelves for your pantry spaces and are ready to begin storing food and other essentials.

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