Saturday, November 6, 2010

Heavy Metal Poisoning (not talking about music)

Now that the words "alzheimers", "autism" and "Aspbergers" have become common words in our society I think it's time for us all to look at the causal factors in these diseases/conditions.  I think everyone has a friend, family member or acquaintance affected by one of these neurological conditions.

Several years ago I began reading heavily about heavy metal poisoning after my father was diagnosed with lead poisoning.  No one could tell where he came into contact with this metal, but he was treated by the Veterans' Administration (VA) and I believe he contracted it during his military career.

One of the main effects of heavy metal poisoning are neurological problems.  Aluminum has been associated with alzheimers and mercury with autism.  The number of people with alzheimers and autism has been skyrocketing since WWII.

During WWII aluminum and other metals were being used by the military and weren't available for everyday use.  Farmers were using manure to fertilize their fields.  Industrialization was limited to the large cities.

After WWII aluminum began to be used for cookware, became a component in fertilizer and is found in many topical cosmetic applications (antiperspirant).  Mercury began to be used as a preservative in medications and vaccines.  Lead affected drinking water far from the cities as industry ramped up with very few environmental considerations.

How can we protect ourselves?  In many ways we can't, but we can do the following:  Filter your water and have your well tested.  Use cast iron, granite ware or enamel covered cast iron for cooking.  Read labels and avoid personal products with metal based contents (look on line for all of the names used for these metals).  Buy as many organic products as you can afford and garden organically.  Educate yourself about this subject.  Take statements denying this heavy metal - neurological connection with a grain of salt.  The corporations producing these toxic products will certainly try to protect their bottom line and the government seems to be happily backing them up.  Make your own decisions.

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