Thursday, January 24, 2013

Frugal Cosmetics: Foundation

The beauty industry makes their money by convincing people that they need a specialized product for each step of makeup application.  This simply isn't true; many cosmetics can have multiple uses, even if they are labeled for a specific use.

Let's look at foundation and concealer.  Concealer is basically a highly pigmented (concentrated) form of foundation.  It can easily be thinned down and used as a foundation, then used in it's concentrated form, as it is intended, to cover blemishes and dark areas.

Mix a drop each of concealer and your daytime moisturizer on the back of your hand.  Apply using your fingertips or a brush.  Don't use a sponge; they soak up too much product.  You will be amazed at how natural your skin will look.  I truly think this combination makes a wonderful foundation.

So, now you only have to buy one product for two uses.  And concealer is much less expensive than foundation because you are not paying for all of the fillers used to thin the pigment.

Oh by the way, don't match your concealer to your face.  Match it to your neck for a more natural look.

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