Friday, February 1, 2013

Pulling Coupons For Grocery Shopping

I thought I would give you an idea of how I organize my coupons and get ready to go grocery shopping.  We generally shop for groceries once or twice a week.  Our second trip usually involves getting some fresh vegetables or dairy.

The first step is to go to a couponing website such as Southern Savers.  Try to find a site that specializes in the stores in your geographical area.  I use this site to make my grocery list, taking advantage of the BOGOs (buy one get one) listed in order to build up my pantry.  I am particularly looking for the BOGOs that can be combined with coupons for that product.  This site allows me to print out a list that details which coupons I need to pull and where those coupons can be found.

Next I go to pull and clip the coupons I need from my coupon storage.  I use the file method in which my coupon inserts are filed by date in a file box.  Previously I used to clip all of my coupons and carry them in a binder, but as the coupons built up it became unwieldy.  If you've ever seen someone shopping with two overstuffed binders in their cart you know what I mean.  Now I pull and carry only the coupons I need.  This also helps me control impulse purchases (if I don't have a coupon for the product I can't buy it).

Then I paperclip my coupons to the back of my list.  I make notations on the list of how many of each product to buy and the number and type of coupons I have for that item.  My personal shorthand is MC for manufacturers coupon and SC for store coupon.  Of course, it's always nice to have both kinds of coupons for one product.

This has proven to be the best method for my family.  I follow the same procedure when preparing to go to the drug store or Target.   It is simple and, hey, frugal.

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