Friday, January 4, 2013

What To Buy In January

I hope everyone had happy holidays.  Unfortunately my family succumbed to the flu right before Christmas and this nasty stuff is still hanging on.  Fortunately it happened when we had two weeks to lay around, feeling miserable and watching television (which is sad, just sad).

So, the new year is here and my mind immediately goes to the post Christmas sales.  According to Consumer Report's What To Buy When January is a great month to buy big ticket items: appliances, houses, cars.  Oh, and don't forget the traditional white sales and winter clothing.  It is also a good time to buy cosmetics since the industry is clearing their stock out in order to release their Spring lines.

If you can predict your childrens' sizes for next year I would consider picking up winter clothing.  And don't forget networking with your friends that have older and younger children.  It's fun to have a clothing swap party, let the kids play while you spend some time with your friends and get your kids clothes for next year.

Don't forget ebay.  One year I sold our outgrown clothes and shoes on ebay, then used the Paypal credit to buy our winter clothes for next year.  Buyers are looking for name brands in good condition.  I wouldn't bother listing clothing from big box stores, just donate them and take the tax credit.

I am feeling that this is going to be a slim year for us.  It is important to think ahead in order to save money.  Buy at the sales or eschew money and barter or trade for goods.  Frugal people are creative people.  Happy New Year!

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