Saturday, March 24, 2012

Frugal Garden Tools: Machete

I know you've been sitting around wondering to yourselves, "Gee, what kind of machete does Pam use"?  One of my favorite tools is a form of machete that has a sharpened hook on the end for easily cutting down saplings by pulling the tool towards me.

I consider this tool to be frugal because it is a multipurpose tool.  The flat edge is used for cutting through thin brush, while the  hook is used to cut larger stems and small trunks.  It also saves needing to carry several tools with you; just this one does the job.

My machete was ordered from Lee Valley Tools.  This is an excellent source for very high quality tools that, with proper maintenance, should last a lifetime.  Spring has sprung, time to start clearing out the hedges.

God bless,

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