Friday, November 4, 2011

Sell Your House The Frugal Way: Price

Of all the areas I have discussed when selling your house price is the most important.  You can have the most inviting, attractive home available in your area, but if the price isn't right it will not sell.  If you feel that you must set a high price because you bought your home prior to 2006, then it is time to contact your lender and discuss a short sale (selling house for less than you owe).

You have already done some preliminary research on comparable home sales in your area.  Now is the time for your realtor to do in depth research for you.  Decide what your bottom line price is, then set your asking price above that.  Give yourself negotiating space.

Ask the realtor how the search engines group home prices.  You may be better pricing your home at $249,000 rather than $250,000 in order to be listed on more search results.

Be flexible when you receive offers.  Some buyers will make stupidly low offers.  Don't take it personally, just counter with a more reasonable price.  There is no bad offer, just offers you won't accept.
I have seen negotiations get stuck on the last $1000.  Are you willing to lose a buyer over such a small amount of money?

Good luck on your home sales journey.

God bless,

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