Monday, November 28, 2011

A Frugal Christmas: Gift Wrapping With Furoshiki

Last year I shared my home made, Christmas fabric, gift bags with you.  This year I am going even simpler:  Christmas fabric furoshiki.

Furoshiki are Japanese gift wrappings made from a square of fabric.  They were traditionally removed by the giver when presenting the gift to the recipient.  The fabric square was then taken back home to be reused by the gift giver.  This may not work in our western countries, but I am sure that any sewer, green/recycler and quilters would be glad to receive this extra gift of fabric.

There are many ways to fold furoshiki. has a page showing many of the folds.  If you Google furoshiki folding you will find many pages offering instruction.  The two photos above show the most basic fold for square packages.

Joann Fabrics has their cotton Christmas fabrics on sale this time of year.  Try saving yourself from a wasteful pile of wrapping paper that will just end up in the trash by wrapping with furoshiki this year.

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  1. Now how cool is that! And so practical-you could reuse it over and over-or the person you give it too could make something out of it : )