Sunday, November 13, 2011

Frugal Home Remedies: Earache Oil

For many years (hundreds or thousands) warm olive oil has been used to soothe earaches.  In recent years the routine use of antibiotics to cure earaches has been frowned upon.  There are several reasons for this: the prevalence of antibiotic resistant bacteria and studies that have found that earaches generally resolves themselves without medication.

To use olive oil for an earache first you need to warm it gently in a bowl of warm water.  Please be sure that it is comfortably warm, not hot.  Have your patient lay down with the bad ear facing up.  Use an eye dropper to place several drops of the warm oil in the ear.  Now lay a warm compress on the ear area for a few minutes.  Repeat several times a day to soothe discomfort.

If earaches are frequent in your family you may want to buy some dark glass dropper bottles to keep some oil in.  These will be easy to warm quickly when a treatment is needed.

This treatment also works well for anyone that suffers from excess ear wax buildup.  Use in the same manner described above, at night before bed, and the wax will naturally work itself loose.  It may take a week of treatment, but it will work.

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