Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sell Your House The Frugal Way: Well Maintained

The third impression you want your home to convey is that it is well maintained.  The outward appearance of good maintenance reassures buyers that there will not be hidden problems requiring repair after they move into the home.

Make all repairs that are needed in your home.  Update faucets, door pulls, door knobs and other DIY fixes.  If necessary, hire a handyman or carpenter to replace damaged wood trim inside and out.  Shampoo carpets or, if they are permanently stained, replace them.

New paint is an absolute necessity.  It is cheap and easy to do yourself.  Remember to use neutral, up to date colors.  Continue the color theme throughout the house.

Each week take a small brush and walk through the house touching up any nicks or smudges on the paint.  It's a small thing, but continues the impression of a fresh, clean paint job.

This can be a touchy subject, but pet smells are a big turnoff to buyers.  We love our pets, but if you own many of them, this may be the time to see if a friend or relative can take some of them.  Buyers must have access to the whole property, so you may want to day board any animals that are aggressive or may try to escape.  Also, consider the stress having strangers in and out of your home may cause your pets.

Now have that trusted friend do a walk through again.  Can they see or smell anything that needs improvement?

The hardest thing about having a house for sale is that you have to maintain that pristine level of clean.  It is almost a full time job itself, but must be done to present your house in the best way possible.

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