Monday, October 24, 2011

Our Frugal Halloween Costumes

We decided that our Halloween costumes this year needed to be made very cheaply, preferably using items we already had.  I went to my friend's party this weekend as a tree, Dear Husband was "The Dude" and Dear Daughter was a modified Goth (very modified).

DD's Goth outfit consisted of black t-shirt, black leggings, purple skirt and boots.  As I was putting on her makeup she decided that she didn't like it and declined the black lipstick and mascara.  She has never liked dressing up for Halloween and it shows.  She had loads of fun with her friend, so that is all that  matters.

DH was a hippie dude.  This costume consisted of a tie dyed t-shirt, wig leftover from another Halloween, knit cap and sunglasses.  No money was spent on this one!

AAAGGGG!  Turkey Neck!!!
I went to Michaels Crafts and bought two packages of Fall leaves for 99 cents each and one bird for less than $2.  The leaves were basted onto my brown t-shirt at the neck and sleeves.  I also basted them onto a black headband, then clipped on the bird.  I wore brown pants and shoes.  My expenses were less than $5.

Have fun making your own costumes or have a costume swap with friends each year.  Enjoy and save!

God bless,

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