Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Costumes vs. My Mennoniteness

In the past few years my family's only participation in Halloween has been to hand out candy at the front door, tell little kids how cute they are and ask big kids if they aren't a little big for trick or treating.  My daughter had a bad scare when she was trick or treating a few years ago (someone answered the door in a way too gruesome and realistic costume), so she has opted to hide out in a back room when I answered the door.

But this year her best friend and friend's family have invited us all to a party and her to a sleepover this weekend.  Yep, a Halloween party...with costumes.  She wants desperately to go, so we have been wracking our brains to develop costumes that use everyday items in a creative way.

Dear daughter wants to be a Goth.  Great...that really makes me happy...not!  We have settled on her being a modified Goth.  I'll let you know how that works out.

I came up with several ideas:  Flo the insurance lady, hippy, mother earth and finally decided to be a sort of tree.

My Costume.  Isn't It Realistic?

Picture this:  Brown Birkies, brown pants, brown shirt, silk leaves from Michael's applied to neck and head, then green eye shadow on eyes.  Finish off my face using a leaf stencil and green eye shadow to paint on a couple of leaves.  I'll send pictures your way after this weekend.

Don't know what my husband is thinking about being.  Maybe he has an old Post Office uniform lying around.  I wonder if my daughter would consider being a tree sprout.

Many Christians don't participate in Halloween at all and that is a personal choice that each person must make.  As for myself, I prefer to avoid frightening, occult, witch, demon, devil images.  Trees are good.  God made trees.  That's my personal choice.

God bless,


  1. OOoooo! Could you put a squirrel in your "hair / treetop"? :)

  2. I was thinking of a bird. Squirrels are so pesky.