Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Using Coupons Effectively: Organization That Works

After struggling with my little accordion binder for several months, I decided to look for a better way to organize my coupons.  I found one system online that I liked, but the $60 dollar price tag put me off.  So, off I went to Office Depot to see if I could recreate the expensive system for less money.

Here are my results:

For $28 I purchased a binder with magnetic clasp, 3 x 5 photo plastic pages, trading card plastic pages, business card plastic pages, package of 8 organizer label pages and a paper pad.  I chose three different types of plastic pages because coupons come in so many sizes.  With time I may decide that one size works better, but most people use the trading card pages.

I used the organizer label pages (with plastic tabs) to divide the organizer into 8 sections:  grains, vegies, fruit, dairy, snacks, drinks, healthcare and sundries.  Some people divide their coupons alphabetically and since I used pencil on my labels I can always change them if I need to.

A pad in the back pocket will be great for lists or to keep track of what is in my cart.  An automatic pencil finishes off the back section (I had a pack at home).

In the front is a business card sized pocket which I will use for my name and phone number.  I don't want to lose my organizer and not give the finder a way to return it to me.

Now I get to put my coupons in my new organizer and give it a test run.

God bless,

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