Friday, January 7, 2011

The Frugal Home: Orvus Paste

Most of us are using our coupons to buy laundry detergents that contain bleaches and other chemicals that eventually strip the color from fabric.  Sometimes we end up getting rid of perfectly wearable clothing because they have faded so badly.

Most quilt conservators use a product called Orvus Paste.  It is extremely gentle and will not strip the color from fabric.  Small jars of Orvus Quilt Soap can be purchased at most quilt stores at a fairly high price.

Here is the secret:  Orvus Paste was developed years ago as a shampoo for farm animals.  It was intended to effectively clean their fur without drying and damaging the animal's skin.  It is sold in large containers in feed stores for a reasonable cost.  In my area the cost is $21.

The other secret is how little of this detergent it takes to wash a load of clothes.  Just a tablespoon in a top loader or a heaping teaspoon in a front loader.  The large container of Orvus will last my family of three for a year.

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  1. Thank you Pam I had already ordered Orvus, from a feed supply store, having previously read about its merits, had no idea how to use it, excepting to wash down a horse, so many thanks again for your knowledge.