Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Frugal Internet Finds: Craftsy

I love my craft hobbies, but crafting can become very expensive.  It's easy to overwhelm your budget when you are purchasing patterns, supplies and those clever doodads that manufacturers convince us we need.

Right before Christmas I was on the internet looking for free or inexpensive patterns that I could use to make holiday gifts.  I stumbled upon a great site where you can buy patterns and workshops from other crafters.  Craftsy has many free patterns to download and is also a site where crafters can sell their original patterns online.  As you can see the name Craftsy is a play on the famous Etsy name.

You do need to create a login name and password to use the site, but it asks for precious little personal information since it is all downloads.  In the rare times I buy a pattern I use Paypal.

I'd love to hear about your favorite crafting sites.

God bless,


  1. I don't think I do any crafting, really. What are some things you do?

    1. I enjoy anything in the fiber arts field, especially knitting and quilting. Unfortunately, living in Florida, there are limited uses for cool weather items.

    2. I quilt and we do have plenty of use up here. Our 1st frost is around Oct 15th. I'm not a big yarn person, though my girls knit. I'm sewing the 4 girls (my 3 and DIL) matching PJ pants for Christmas. My mother found a new set of flannel sheets at the thrift store and they're too big for our sewing project.

      I'm also repurposing a table runner that never laid flat so I cut off the binding that puckered. It's a calico in faded shades of red white and green so I plan on recovering some old but still useful potholders. Keep them or give, haven't decided yet.