Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is the United States Thanksgiving.  I am so thankful for my dear family and friends, and that God has blessed us with a safe home, good food and love.

We will be having the traditional dinner of roast turkey, cranberry sauce, cornbread stuffing, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, gravy, sweet and sour red cabbage, mashed white potatoes, pumpkin pie with whipped cream and blueberry pie (for pumpkin pie haters).  I'm going to spend the rest of today cooking in preparation; the kitchen already smells great.

Here is my cranberry sauce recipe:

2 bags fresh cranberries
1/4 cup orange juice
1 tsp. finely grated orange rind
1 1/2 cups of white sugar or more to taste
pinch of salt

Cook cranberries, orange juice and rind over medium heat, covered, until berries pop open.  Add sugar and salt and cook until sugar is completely dissolved and sauce is thickened.  Pour into sterilized canning jars and refrigerate.

What to do with leftover cranberry sauce?  Mix it with leftover sweetened whipped cream and finely chopped pecans.  Pour into small bowls and refrigerate.  Makes a nice, fast dessert.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

God bless,

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