Friday, November 2, 2012

Buying Amish Food (Getting My Fix)

Now that I am (mostly) mobile again, yesterday I decided to treat myself to some Amish foods.  Fortunately for me, we have a small store in my city that imports food and other products in from Amish country in Pennsylvania.

The Amish Country Store is in a quaint little wood house with a small barn-like extension off of the back.  There is a Farm All Cub tractor in the yard, along with flowers, children's wagons and baskets.

When you walk inside there are worn, creaky wood floors and simple displays fill with food, drink and crafts.  Walk into the the barn area and there is a deli counter filled with meats and cheeses, refrigerators fill with other foods and a selection of pickles.

I do a lot of my Christmas stocking stuffer shopping in this store.  They always have unique candies and things that I remember from my childhood.  It is definitely a trip down memory lane.

Yesterday I bought a half sandwich for lunch, Kunzler sweet bologna, cheese curds, and Groff's smoked bacon.  Oh, and a birch beer to wash it all down.  Today I'll make myself a BLT for lunch using this special bacon (and save the drippings for pork and sauerkraut next week).

I should be good for another week or two; until I need another trip to my childhood via my taste buds.

God bless,

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