Thursday, September 6, 2012

Processing Peaches

It is peach time and it's so easy to peel peaches for cooking and canning if you follow a simple process. This method works beautifully on tomatoes too.

Set up your work area with a large pot of boiling (unsalted) water and a bowl filled with water and ice cubes.

 Place peaches in boiling water for only a minute or two.

Immediately move peaches to the bowl of ice water.

This process has loosed the skin on the peaches so they can easily be slipped off with a paring knife.

Now your peaches can be canned using your favorite recipe or refrigerated for future use.  If you plan on the latter make sure you treat the peaches with either citric acid (Fruit Fresh is one brand) or sugar.  If you don't treat them they will deteriorate rapidly.

Enjoy the summer bounty!

God bless,

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