Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hemorrhaging Money Or Everything Happens In Threes

Last week was one of those weeks when everything breaks down at once.  First, DH goes out to mow the lawn and our lawnmower (which worked perfectly the week before) refuses to run.  Our lawnmower repair man, who is a very busy guy (might be a good career choice), declared it terminal.  So, the search for a new lawnmower began.

My husband, a diligent researcher, spoke with lawnmower repair guy and did some online research, which included Consumer Reports.  The interesting fact about lawnmowers is that there can be great differences between mowers of the same brand.  A Toro mower can have a not so good engine or a really good engine, plus the materials used in the body can vary.  We ended up with a Toro with an Briggs & Stratton engine and an aluminum body.  We did not get the electric start because it added a great deal to the price and we are still able to yank on a starter cord.

With the new lawnmower in the garage we decided to eat some ice cream.  Hmmm, the ice cream was very soft and so were the popsicles.  After we both accused the other of leaving the freezer door open (duh) we realized that the freezer was not working properly.  This wasn't a big surprise as our refrigerator was old, as in it was hard to find a repairman to work on it old, but we had kept it running as long as we could.  Our plan has been to remodel the kitchen and buy new appliances to fit into the new floor plan.

As the refrigerator began it's decline the rush to research and buy a new one commenced.  Once again we went to Consumer Reports to look for reliable brands.  I had my heart set on a bottom freezer, which is more energy efficient, but also, more expensive.  Speed was of the essence, so we needed to find a model that a store had in stock for immediate delivery.  DH and I split up and began to hit the stores.  Texting back and forth we finally found a make and model that worked for our space.

We ended up buying a Whirlpool side by side, with an ice maker and a water dispenser.  This was pure luxury for us as we had done without an ice maker for many years.  The installation was simple, but we had to mourn the loss of DH's banana sticker collection.  Fifteen years in the making, but it had to go with the old refrigerator.  I did take a picture of it though:

Since trouble seems to come in threes, we are waiting to see what the next money eating break down is going to be.  I am eyeing my husband's car suspiciously.  It doesn't sound so good and has had a slow oil leak for awhile now.  Sigh, we'll see.

God bless,

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