Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Out Of Grandma's Kitchen: Egg Pot

I love my little white, graniteware pot for boiling eggs.  Graniteware heats up quickly and is perfect for boiling water.  Graniteware was a common sight in my grandmas' kitchens because it was common, and inexpensive.

One problem with graniteware is that it chips easily.  You can see one chip in the photo and there is another on the other side.  Doesn't affect the usefulness of the pot though.

You can still buy white graniteware today.  I have two pots that I bought from Lehman's Hardware several years ago.  I chose white because I use them for plant dyeing wool.  The white allows me to see the intensity of the dye bath.  If I were buying graniteware for cooking I would probably buy the navy blue.

I look for graniteware at thrift shops and yard sales.  It is a hard working material, has a classic and modern look about it and it reminds me of good times in grandma's kitchen.

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  1. Funny how we come to depend on a specific pot/pan for a specific thing : )