Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Damage Control

This has been a very strange Spring for me, with my accomplishing little in the garden or around the outside of the house.  I have a good excuse though; I developed a chronic conjunctivitis, which has now been diagnosed as rosacea affecting the eyes.  I haven't been able to tolerate the sun or pollen at all.

So, here it is, almost June, and my gardens are empty and the yard overgrown.  My eyes are getting back to normal and it is time for Operation Summer Damage Control.  My plan is to plant the gardens in flowers and herbs.  I hate not having anything to can, but I can always hit the Farmers Market if the canning withdrawal gets too bad.

Living in Florida makes it difficult to garden during the summer, but with good micro-irrigation (see previous posts) I should be able to keep some heat tolerant flowers going.

The forced inactivity has not been without some humorous moments.  We like to spend time together as a family on the weekends and a big part of our family is our parakeet, Cooki.  Cooki has decided that his new favorite activity is sitting on one of our heads checking out the world.

Cooki Reading Over My Shoulder

Cooki Likes To Mess Up Our Hair

Not everyone in the family is fond of Cooki's new habit, so there have been some creative ways developing to discourage him from settling in.

Anti Bird On Head Device

I look forward to showing you my progress in the gardens and sharing some ideas for beating the heat.  Take care.

God bless,

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  1. I hope your health problems get better.
    Cooki is so cute!