Saturday, May 19, 2012

Frugal Skincare: Pigmentation

When I was young sunscreen was unheard of and having spent many years in Florida, let's just say I have had more sun exposure than normal.  As a result, I now find discolored areas (red and brown spots) on my skin.

The best treatment product for pigmentation is glycolic acid, a mild sugar-derived acid.  Glycolic acid works well on fine lines, wrinkles, minor sun damage, discoloration, acne and oily skin.  Using products with glycolic acid should result in smoother texture and fewer sunspots.

Glycolic acid also has a small enough molecular structure that it penetrates the skin better than other products.  It is a good, go to product, when you are unsure which products will work for you.  Please be sure to test the glycolic acid product on a small area of skin to make sure you can tolerate it.

I wish I had taken skincare seriously when I was younger.  It would have saved me many a trip to the dermatologist.  If you have children start using sunscreen when your pediatrician suggests.  Encourage them to wear hats and sun blocking clothing.  When they are my age they won't have to worry about treating their skin for sun damage.

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